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  • S. C. Misra, D. Das, V. Udutalapally, V. Kotiyal, P. K. Deb, “System and method for automatic assessing and monitoring of a user’s activity” Indian Patent, Patent No. 396567, granted 10-05-2022.

  • Debanjan Das, Aparna Sinha, Venkanna Udutalapally, “Self-Sustainable IoT Sensor Node With Self Battery And Sensor Health Monitoring Capability” Indian Patent, Granted number-472923, Sanctioned date 24/11/2023.

  • Subhas Chandra Misra, Debanjan Das, Venkanna Udutalapally, Sudip Misra, Neha Sengar, Atonu Ghosh “Blockchain Enabled IoT System and Method For Securing Real-Time Data in a Microcontroller-Based Blockchain Network” Indian Patent Granted, Number 529261, granted  20/03/2024.


  • Subhas Chandra Misra,  Debanjan Das, Sudip Misra, Venkanna Udutalapally, Atonu Ghosh, Tanushree Pan, “Wireless Network Device for Wireless Communication With User Devices in a Wireless Communication Network” Indian Patent (Filed), Application No. 202311028663 dated 20-04-2023.

  • Subhas Chandra Misra,  Debanjan Das, Sudip Misra, Venkanna Udutalapally, Anshita Gupta, “A Continuous Lung Health Monitoring System”. Indian Patent (Filed), Application No. 202311027111 dated 13-04-2023.

  • S. Misra, D. Das, V. Udutalapally, A. Ghosh, P. K. Deb, “A Secured Automated Power Control And Management System For Legacy IoT Infrastructures,” Indian Patent (Filed), Application No-202131038016, Date 23/08/2021. ​ ​​ ​

  • D. Das, V. Udutalapally, S. Misra, R. Mahapatra, and A.R. Sindhu “A Multifunctional smart human health assessing network System” Indian Patent (Filed), Application No. 202131042943 dated 22-09-2021.


  • TribeConnect: Integrated smart tribal Eco-Platform-a proof of concept in Chhattisgarh, Sponsored by MeitY, Govt. of India, multi-institutional (IIITNR, IITKGP, and IITK), Cost: Rs. 210.138 lakhs (As a PI), March’2020 - March’ 2023.

  • AI/ML-based Network Management and Signal Processing for 5G and Beyond Base Station, Sponsored by  IIITB COMET Foundation under NM-ICPS), DST, Government of India, Cost: Rs. 1,73,56000/- 2022-2026.

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